THE BOARD (2019-2020)


- leads every meeting, schedules future
meetings, and creates an agenda for each meeting

- works with the rest of the board and other club members to plan and
execute community building and/or fundraising events

- in charge of Humans of BHS Twitter, Instagram accounts, and website


Sara Shaikh


steps in when President is of absence- running meetings, scheduling meetings

- assists the President in coordinating events, and providing mentorship to new members

Vice President

Aayna Khalifa

- monitors/keeps track of money when fundraisers occurs

- generates new ideas for fundraisers

- plans and executes fundraisers with other members as well


Prapti Shah


- keeps track of meeting notes and attendance

- Liaison for club between club members and BHS students

- keep the Team Drive organized
and easy to access information


Merin James

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 1.08.06 AM_edit

-will represent the Humans of BHS club in other school-related events

- act as Club Liaison in other clubs and committees

- participate in meetings in order to add more ideas and help execute events


Vaishnavi Gudala

- will post interviews every week

- will post every day to inform the BHS community on what is occurring

- will be co-in charge with the
President of the Humans of BHS
Instagram page, Twitter account,
and website

Communications Director

Neha Joby

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